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5 Things to Do in Lesbos Greece

3rd Oct 2023

Nestled within Greece’s Eastern Aegean waters, Lesvos offers a captivating mix of history, nature, and adventure. From ancient castles to serene beaches, here are five fantastic activities to enjoy during your time on the island:

Explore Molyvos Castle

Sitting on a hill near the village of Molyvos, near Molyvos village, the timeless Molyvos Castle is waiting to be explored. With its origins stretching back through the centuries, this castle has seen its share of transformations, including renovations in 1373 and 1462. Wander through its interconnected levels and pathways, and on sunny days, enjoy the cultural events that breathe life into its historic stones.

Uncover the Ottoman Baths of Mithymna

Step into the past as you visit the Ottoman Baths of Mithymna, now transformed into an enlightening museum. These baths once served as a communal space for cleansing, with men and women using them at different times. Today, they offer a glimpse into the lives of times gone by, providing a window into the customs of that era.

Marvel at the Petrified Forest of Lesbos

Travel back in time as you explore the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, a fascinating reminder of ancient times. This unique forest, spread across large areas, is filled with lots of old tree trunks turned to stone. It’s like a snapshot from long ago. The Greek government has protected this special place, and it lets you feel a connection to the secrets of history.

Relax at Skala Eressos Beach

Enjoy peace at Skala Eressos Beach, a calm spot surrounded by hills and the blue sea. Soak up the sun, either on your towels or under shady umbrellas and comfy chairs. If you like diving, you’ll love the underwater treasures made by cool rocks. And if you want adventure, try water fun, renting boats or kayaks, or even going horseback or bicycle riding.

Experience Windsurfing at Aeolian Village

For an exciting adventure, look no further than Aeolian Village – the ultimate windsurfing destination in Greece. Situated on an ideal beach, Aeolian Village partners with the experienced and professional activities operator Mark Warner to offer top-notch equipment and expert guidance for an unforgettable windsurfing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-timer, this premier windsurfing hub promises a memorable journey with a qualified instructor, breathtaking vistas, and the exhilaration of wind and waves.

Lesbos welcomes you to discover its fascinating past, enjoy its stunning landscapes, and dive into exciting experiences. Whether you’re exploring old castles, relaxing on peaceful beaches, or trying out windsurfing, this island promises an amazing time that mixes the charm of history with the thrill of today.