Our Top Priority — Our Guests: COVID-19 Protocol

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COVID-19 Protocol of Operation 2021/2022

The health and safety of our customers and employees is our main priority. Please read the following operation and protection plan which contains instructions for your own safety and that of others.

Have a pleasant and safe stay at our Hotel.

Our hotel continues its operation while observing all of the safety measures against the new Corona Virus (COVID-19). Our staff strictly carries out the cleaning of all hotel areas, diligently following the protocol for cleaning, hygiene and disinfection.

The protocol includes measures as they are mentioned in No. 4634/2022 (1223/B/ B’/17.03.2022) Joint Ministerial Decision “Special protocols of sanitary content on the basis of which the tourist companies in the context of taking measures against the coronavirus COVID-19 “, issued pursuant to the recent codification by Law 4795/2021” Special forms of tourism and provisions for tourism development “:

  • Education of all our staff in the subjects of health and safety.
  • Rapid Test for all the Staff of the Hotel Unit.
  • Thermometry of all employees of the Hotel Unit who come for work.
  • Standard cleaning and disinfection cycles in all areas.
  • Visible placement of antiseptic hand gel for public use.
  • Frequent cleaning of high-usage areas and surfaces.
  • Immediate response to incidental cleaning wherever and whenever required.

Taking into consideration the current concerns about the Corona Virus (Covid- 19), we have established in-house rules for our hotel resort. These rules in combination with the appropriate hygiene protocols ensure the well-being of our guests.

The in-house rules include:

  • During Check-in, guests will be informed of our resort’s current health and safety policy and the rules implemented in accordance with Covidl9.
  • Avoid crowding during Check-in/Check-out, keeping social distances.
  • Check-out by 11:00 a.m. and Check-in from 15:00 p.m. With the time interval between every check-in and check-out of different customers, sufficient time is given for proper cleaning and disinfection, followed by the natural ventilation (airing out) of the room.
  • During Check-in, guests will be informed of our hotel’s current health and safety policy and the rules implemented in accordance with Covid19
  • When approaching any interior or public area (reception, bars, restaurant, pool) all guests need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from the next and previous guest in any priority line within the resort.
  • We recommend the usage of masks in case of cough and/or sneezing, in all indoor and public areas of the hotel.
  • Please use the floor markings that have been placed in all public areas as a guide to keep the appropriate distance from other guests.
  • We recommend the frequent usage of the special hand sanitizer, which has been placed accordingly in the main public areas of the hotel.
  • The reception staff is informed and trained to meet customer needs while taking the necessary precautions in accordance with Covid-19.
  • We recommend that guests avoid staying for long periods of time in public areas.
  • Refrain from re-arranging furniture in public areas. They have been placed according to the instructions from the health authorities, in order to avoid crowding and to comply with the requirement of 2 people per 10 square meters.
  • Prohibition of the use of Hotel equipment by Customers.
  • Information on the maximum allowed use of our lifts by one (1) adult (or a family), with a strict recommendation for the use of a face mask and parallel use of antiseptic before and after entering the lift.
  • Reduction by 50% of the capacity of our restaurants, shaping the spaces to comply with the required legal distances.
  • In the restaurant, dividers and signs are placed, in order to have greater food safety.
  • Customers are served by service personnel & Cooks.
  • The buffet service is provided with mandatory use of appropriate personal hygiene items such as gloves and face mask.
  • When the Customers move in the Restaurant area from their entrance, the queue, their service as well as their exit from the Restaurant, they are required to use their individual Face Mask.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed in the restaurant is calculated by the ratio of 1 customer per 2 square meters.
  • A maximum of six (6) people are allowed per table.
  • Only guests sharing a room and families may sit at the same table.
  • There is no limit for families with children.
  • The minimum distance between tables is applied based on the seat placements.
  • You will be seated at a table by our staff, please do not seat yourself.
  • We encourage our guests to inform the reception about any observed person with symptoms of illness within the hotel.
  • To limit contact, the entrance of any person not staying at the hotel is strictly forbidden in rooms and all meeting places. Non-guests are only allowed at the Roof Bar and are required to follow all safety measures.
  • The frequent cleaning of rooms should be avoided during the guest’s stay in order to limit contact, based on the protocol.
  • WIFI access is provided with connection from the guest’s personal device.
  • Everyday change of sheets and towels is discontinued. In the event that you do NOT want your room cleaned, please place the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of your door. Otherwise, the maid will enter your room for cleaning. In case of any further housekeeping service requested please contact the reception.
  • Ornamental objects have been removed (decorative pillows, etc.)
  • Items with shared use (menus, magazines, coffee machines, etc.) have been removed.
  • After check-out, all room and bathroom surfaces are meticulously disinfected.
  • When using public WC, avoid crowding and maintain distance from other guests.
  • Toilets must be flushed with lids closed in public WC.
  • Suspicious or confirmed case room is not cleaned but the appropriate clothing and consumables (linen and waste bags of different colors) are provided for self-handling.
  • All persons within the Hotel are required to comply with the suggestions of the hotel staff.

For our employees who work inside the Hotel, the Company has taken the following measures:

  • We comply with the restrictions for a reduced number of employees in each workplace & we provide our staff with all the means of Personal Protection and the necessary equipment.
  • We continue to take measures for continuous disinfection of desktops, as well as public and private spaces.
  • We take measures to limit social gatherings of staff and ensure that the safe distance between employees is maintained (1.5 meters).
  • We implement the program of Rapid Tests for all Hotel Staff and record the results.
  • We apply Thermometry to employees who come to work.

As part of our commitment for the health, safety, and well-being of our guests, employees and community, we are strictly following the developments regarding the new Corona Virus (Covid-19) with regular updates and guidance from the National Public Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, as well as from additional governmental and European organizations.

The hotel has adapted to the new operating requirements, applied the “Health Protocol for Businesses in Tourism,” and has received the Health First certificate from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in accordance to the foreseen measures as they are mentioned in No. 4634/2022 (1223/B/17.03.2022) Joint Ministerial Decision “Special protocols of sanitary content on the basis of which the tourist companies in the context of taking measures against the Coronavirus COVID-19.

We are at your disposal for any questions or clarification.

The Management