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Holidays in Lesbos, Greece

The Aeolian Village all-inclusive hotel allows guests to experience truly unforgettable holidays in Lesbos, Greece. The country’s third-largest island is one of its best, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world who seek sun, sea, and serenity during their holidays in Lesbos, Greece.

The Aeolian Village can be found in Skala Eressos on the western edge of the island, a privileged location that allows for tranquillity, relaxation, and entertainment. However, this does not mean that guests and families at the Aeolian Village should miss out on exploring the rest of the magnificent island during their holidays in Lesbos, Greece.

Experience the best holiday by staying at the Aeolian Village with a Platinum All-Inclusive package, and visiting the best sights to see during your holidays in Lesbos, Greece.



Petrified Forest

Europe’s only such forest, the island’s Petrified Forest is a must-see sight during all holidays in Lesbos. Larger than Arizona’s petrified forest, Lesbos’s equivalent is spread throughout 15 hectares in a National Forest Park between the Eressos (where the Aeolian Village is located) and Sigri.

Witness the fossilized tree trunks of a 20 million-year-old forest caused by a volcanic eruption millions of years ago during your holiday in Lesbos, Greece.


Castle of Mytilene

One of the largest strongholds in the entire Mediterranean Sea, the Castle of Mytilene is a must-visit destination during any holidays in Lesbos, Greece. The castle complex is said to date all the way back to an Ancient Greek acropolis, but was later converted to its current form by the Byzantines in the Middle Ages. The castle in its current form is a brilliant mix of Greek, Genoese and Turkish cultures.





Skala Eressos Beach

Only a few minutes away from the Aeolian Village, the Skala Eressos Beach is set in a bay of volcanic sand, stretching out across 400 metres. Make your holidays in Lesbos, Greece unforgettable by visiting the beach and getting a feel of the tranquil and progressive village beyond the gates of the Aeolian.


Castle of Molyvos

Tracing its roots back to ancient Greece, the Molyvos Castle can be found in northern Lesbos. Hike to the peaks past the village of Molyvos to experience a truly magical moment during your holidays in Lesbos, Greece.

Roman Aqueduct of Moria

Get a taste of ancient history during your holidays in Lesbos, Greece by visiting this incredible site.

Built from local Lesbian grey marble, this stunning structure dates all the way back to the Roman Empire and is the largest section of a 26 kilometre wide aqueduct that brought water to the island’s capital.

Limonos Monastery

Set in a sprawling valley near the town of Kalloni, this monastery has medieval roots, with its own library dating back to the year 600. Marvel at the Byzantine architecture at this monastery during your holidays in Lesbos, Greece.